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Technology Office Building
Wenatchee Natural Landscape
Land-use Masterplanning


Our key goal is to give you the options you need, so that you know you're going in the right direction.  We highlight the best options available to you and help you understand their implications.  Our strength is going beyond the obvious, the undemanding, and venture boldly into the uncharted to find real hidden treasures.

There is often a lot of expense and risk involved with land development, and we know how to successfully navigate the channels of regulation and construction.  When you add our expert space planning; knowledge and innovative use of materials; enviornmental awareness and resource sensitivity, you get a whole lot of added value for everything you invest.  We provide you with the very best in professional services available. Talk with us about your next project.

Landscape Architecture

We especially know how to integrate the indoors and outdoors, and that is where Life's real excitement can happen!  If you can imagine how sacred the outdoors is and connect it to a sublime interior space, then you begin to have a sense of how powerful indoor|outdoor integration is.

lf you were to consider how even situating your home for views and ​using the sun to heat and the wind to cool your house​, using materials wisely and designing smartly, you  begin to see how HMSA quality means added value.  And we also reduce your stress by helping you make sound, informed and wise decisions.




And if you're not ready to commit all-in now, we can still help you incrementally with strategic planning for the long-run, or at least start looking towards your future.

Either way, send us an email or give us call when you're ready to be heard or seek expert advice.


Stewardship is our ethic.  It embodies the responsible planning and management of resources.  Let us help you with yours!
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